We have been repairing kites for so long we are able to give you a fixed price for your kite repairs. Ideally we need a photo of the damage so we can see it to assess it. If this is not possible, call us on (01237) 238350 and explain the damage, we can give you a good idea of the price. 

As a guide:- 

Kitesurfing kites-canopy rips tend to be £10-£80 depending on position and severity. Leading edge damage £40-£120 again depending on damage and bladder condition. Replacing worn trailing edge with sticky back dacron, whole edge £50. Lines and pulleys £10-£90 depending on amount and labour involved. 

Land kites-Rips in kite £20-£60 depending on access. Cell replacement £20-£70 depending on size, position, damage and amount. Call us on (01237) 238350 for the shop/repair centre, email photos to or if you are local pop it in, we will assess it and give a fixed price.




You like what you read, you have been recommended by a friend/fellow kiter or a forum has sung our praises and you want to use our services? We have compiled this little guide to make it easy for you and help you through the distressing process of getting your beloved kite back in the sky where it belongs.

1. If possible take a couple of photos of the damage to your kite and put your hand/ruler/mobile phone in the shots so we have something visual to scale and gauge the size of the repair. We look for size and position of the damage, how close it is to valves, struts, seams, cell openings etc. 

2. Send these photos via email to and in the email let us know how it happened, this is important as we can work out if it is wear or damage. Please enclose where you would like the kite returning to so we can work out the postage costs. If you don't have access to email you can phone the shop on (01237) 238350 and talk us through it.

3. We will email back with a quote including what we would do to your kite, time scale to fix your kite in (based on current repairs in) and fixed price including return postage. 

4. If you want to go ahead with the repair. please click and print off a repair sheet from the bottom of this page and fill it out. Package your kite well and put in a cardboard box, in this box please add the filled out repair sheet and send it to us at:- 

Kitemare Company, Unit 3, Latitude 51, Bath Hotel Road, Westward Ho! Devon. EX39 1GW

You can use Royal Mail or, they are cheap and collect from you. Please try not to enclose bags, bar and lines etc. only send items that need repair. The centre does get very busy at times and it's more to get misplaced. If you do send bags, bars etc please make sure you note this on the repair sheet. 

5. Once repaired and ready to return we call you for payment (usually card over the phone) or you can do Paypal or Bank Transfer. Once payment is received we package up your kite and send it back via next day carrier.